FK Automotive 4333081617 - 252069100102.

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Eberspacher D2 or D4 Airtronic Heater Glow Pin 12v | 252069011300

Eberspacher 4333081720 - Genuine UK dealer warranted replacement part. Suitable for all D2 and D4 or D4Sheaters. Eberspacher glow pin 12 volt 12v glowpin complete with special removal and fitting tool  suitable for all d2 and d4 heaters genuine eberspacher replacement part manufacturer guaranteed suitable for many eberspacher airtronic air heaters including eberspacher airtronic d2 eberspacher airtronic d4 eberspacher airtronic d4s  252069050000 d2 12v 252115050000 d2 12v 252113050000 d4 airtroniC 12v 252144050000 D4S AIRTRONIC 12v 252317050000 D3 12v 252327050000 AIRTRONIC D4 Camperplus 201812050000 B4 AIRTRONIC 12v 252326050000 D2 AIRTRONIC 12v Camper252318050000 AIRTRONIC D4 Camper252484050000 AIRTRONIC D4 Plus 12v This 12v Glowpin comes complete with it's own special removal / fitting tool We recommend that the glowpin screen is renewed at the same time part number 252069100102.

Please review our other items Uk distributor for Eberspacher. Includes special removal and fitting tool .

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