HERTZ DCX170.3 16cm 160mm 2-Wege-Lautsprecher Auto 100 Watt

Hertz dcx-170 dieci 16cm 2-wege-koaxial Beschreibung: - 50 Watt rms / 100 Watt max. 4 ohm - einbautiefe 45mm - wirkungsgrad 93dB With its 51 mm 2, 0 in. Maximum depth the DCX 1703, is a "flat" coax optimized for installation in a vehicle's door and/or other reduced spaces, without giving up on acoustic reproduction quality.

A neodymium magnet, tpu thermoplastic polyurethane surround, PEI dome tweeter, built-in crossover, a copper voice coil wound on a conex former and painstaking care in its build ensures performance surpassing other components within the same category. Hertz dieci dcx-1703 - 16, 50 wrms, 5 cm 2 wege koxial lautsprecher, 4 ohm - 16, 5 cm Lautsprecher mit einem Frequenzbereich von 60Hz - 21 KHz.

Technische daten: einbauöffnung: 140 mm, außendurchmesser: 165mm, Einbautiefe: 45 mm, Wirkungsgrad : 93 dB.

HERTZ DSK170.3 16cm 165mm 2-Wege-Lautsprecher Compo Auto 160 Watt

The woofers employ the exclusive V-cone® profile for amazing off-axis response and detailed mid-high range. The passive filters are found directly on the supplied connection cables, along with a rich array of accessories increasing the install-friendliness and installation time. Hertz dieci dv-170316, 4 ohm - 16, 80 wrms, 5cm 2 wege komponenten lautsprecher, 5 cm 2 Wege Lautsprecher mit einem Frequenzbereich von 50Hz - 23 KHz.

Set dsk-1703 besteht aus 2 x dv-1703 tief-mitteltöner, 2 x frequenzweiche CX-300 Lo/Hi-pass 3, 2 x DT24. 3 hochtöner, 5kHz 12db/Oct. Tief-mitteltöner dv-1703: einbauöffnung: 140 mm, außendurchmesser: 165 mm, Einbautiefe: 45 mm, Wirkungsgrad : 93 dB. Hochtöner dt-24. 3: einbautiefe: 13 mm, einbauöffnung: 34 mm, wirkungsgrad 94 dB, Außendurchmesser: 34 mm, Neodym Magnet.

. The tpu thermoplastic polyurethane surround ensures linearity and reduction of unwanted resonance, even at high excursion. High-performance materials, such as the neodymium motor assembly and the PEI membrane, ensure an extended high frequency range. 4 ohm - 24mm hochtöner - einbautiefe 50mm - Wirkungsgrad 93dB Dieci component systems let you realize a high quality audio system with the utmost in simplicity.

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